Our cakes come from a bakery with a difference- when we say our cakes are handmade, we really do mean handmade. Each time you see a miniature candy cane on a Christmas cake, a train on a Birthday cake or a dolly mixture on a fairy cake, chances are that these have been made by one of our team.

The generous buttercream on our cupcakes and the fondant on our fairy cakes is piped by hand, before the cakes are liberally sprinkled with anything from gold dragees, miniature chocolate eggs or chocolate curls to sugarpaste rabbits or ice cream cones. All the final piping is applied by our highly skilled staff.

Our team has now grown- an expert group of skilled bakers, decorators and a product design and development team work hard to create beautiful and great tasting cakes. A wide range of skill bases means that the process is a collaborative one.

We pride ourselves on being creative, our cakes always reflecting current trends. Each range of cakes that is designed for our clients is bespoke to them.