At Fiona Cairns Ltd, we are proud to support The Akshar Trust. The Akshar Trust is based in Vadodara, within the Indian state of Gujarat. The School has been working as a charitable trust for hearing impaired children since 1988. The Trust is a not-for-profit, voluntary and secular organisation.

About the School

The endeavour of The Akshar Trust is to enable the individual with hearing impairment to have a useful, happy and fulfilling life. The school provides a sound academic environment which gives the students the opportunity for a life of self-reliance and dignity. The three main missions of the Trust are to:

1. provide education and care to hearing impaired children and support for families

2. conduct research, investigation and experiments in education of hearing impaired children

3. train teachers of the hearing impaired

About the Students

There are currently over 150 children at the Akshar Trust, from all backgrounds. Children as young as 1 year old are admitted to the school, and many have continued through to study master’s degrees at university. The students work closely with speech trainers, and are supported through learning with adapted textbooks.100% of students are subsidised – not one student pays fees to attend the school. This includes a free lunch each day.

New Projects

A new campus is currently being built for the Akshar Trust. The new school includes 12 classrooms, a library, computer and speech-teaching rooms and playgrounds. To complete this build, the Trust needs resources for the building work, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

The Trust’s long term plans are to work with rural communities, where the need is even more acute. This includes identifying hearing impairment, fitting of hearing aids and training the parents of hearing impaired children.

For more information about the Akshar Trust, please visit