Our biscuits are handmade in small batches, so each biscuit is entirely individual

If you need a quick pick-me-up on a rainy afternoon, our range of biscuits is for you. We bake and decorate a range of flavours, including Chocolate biscuits, Butter biscuits and Gingerbread. Our assortment of delicious shortbread includes fragrant Vanilla, crunchy Almond, floral Lavender and warming Cinnamon. 

If you are looking for something suitable for a party or celebration, our decorated custom biscuits and personalised biscuits are for you. Created by our bespoke team, these are perfect for wedding favours and special party gifts.

Each season, we create different ranges for our clients, which includes anything from our handbag and shoe biscuits, to Halloween pumpkins and bats, to tiny foot-shaped biscuits perfect for Christenings. Each of the toe nails is carefully iced on by one of our skilled staff. And see if you can spot our very special Afternoon Tea biscuits in the Waitrose Entertaining range- these tea pot and cup and saucer iced biscuits always catch people’s eyes at parties.

And when you need a quick sugar rush with no cause for celebration, we sell classic undecorated teatime biscuits, which are perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea, and great to keep in the cupboard if someone pops over. At Christmas, we make special gingerbread tree decorations- hearts, stars and bells come ready packed with ribbon to hang on your tree. Our Christmas pudding iced biscuits are also scrumptious stocking fillers, to keep small people quiet before it’s time to open presents.

Like the rest of our products, our biscuits are handmade in small batches, so each biscuit is entirely individual. And take it from us, you can definitely taste the difference.

To view our range of biscuits in our online shop, click here, or view the range in Waitrose Entertaining here.