In 2010, Fiona published the first of her books, Bake and Decorate. Bake and Decorate was created as the perfect baking book for those who want to make cakes that both taste fantastic, and look beautiful to boot! The book is divided into two halves, Bake and Decorate. Choose from more than 30 delicious recipes for large cakes, small cakes and biscuits in the first part- Bake- and over 50 fabulous decoration schemes formed from them in the second- Decorate.

“A gorgeous confection of sweet inspiration”- The Daily Mail

The second book, The Birthday Cake Book, was published in September 2011. The Birthday Cake Book has 52 new recipes and 61 cake decorations. The book includes ideas for Birthday Parties and teatime celebrations alike, and the book also contains ideas for five spectacularly themed parties- from Vampires, with an eye-popping crystal skull cake, to Vintage Tea Party, with a realistic crocodile handbag cake. 

“Lots of fun and packed with lovely ideas”- Woman and Home Magazine

In 2013 we welcomed Seasonal Baking to the bookshelf. Bursting with ideas for cakes and biscuits to make the most of seasonal produce, there are recipes for jams, fruit drinks and gifts too. 

Signed copies of the books are available to buy at our online shop.