Please request your order is delivered a couple of working days before the event - for a weekend event, request delivery on the Wednesday before our covered cakes keep well for more than 10 days when stored somewhere cool and dry, but never put them in the refrigerator                                                                                                              FREE DELIVERY for Mainland UK orders over £30                                                                        


We know that many of you enjoy decorating your own cakes, so we have expanded our range of fruit and sponge cakes with a covering of simple white sugar paste [plus marzipan on the fruitcakes]. Stack them on one another, use a variety of sizes and flavours on vintage cake stands or scatter one with crystallised flowers for a beautiful centrepiece to a celebration.

Order more than one undecorated cake and we will include instructions and dowels for stacking. Please remember - we recommend you use fruitcake BELOW sponge cake, not on top.

Each cake is around 5cm high. The ribbon is secured with a spot of Royal Icing and is easy to replace if you want to add your own. Make a note on the order if you want us to omit the ribbon.


The cakes come with white icing and the silver and gold ribbon as shown. We can also cover with pale pink, pale blue or ivory icing, using a matching ribbon. If you would like this option for any of the cakes, please order as normal then email us with your order number and the colours you would like for each cake.

We bake and cover our sponge cakes to order, the fruitcakes are matured and then covered as required. When you receive your cakes the fruitcakes will have at least two months life, the vanilla sponges just over two weeks and the chocolate sponges just under two weeks. The cakes should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and strong smells and certainly NOT in the refrigerator.

We cannot send anything larger than an 8inch round cake by FedEx. If you need a larger cake you can collect from the bakery, or we deliver to Central London most Fridays for around £50. Please contact us for more details.


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