Please request your order is delivered a couple of working days before the event - for a weekend event, request delivery on the Wednesday before our covered cakes keep well for more than 10 days when stored somewhere cool and dry, but never put them in the refrigerator                                                                                                              FREE DELIVERY for Mainland UK orders over £30                                                                        

Undecorated Fruitcake

Our traditional rich dark fruitcake is matured for about four weeks to allow the flavours to develop. The fruits and spices are left overnight to soak,  before the cakes are carefully baked, then wrapped to mature. Before covering they are doused with a generous splash of Oloroso Sherry. We then roll marzipan and white sugar paste and cover each cake by hand. Finished with a Indian ribbon, please note colours and designs may vary.



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Fiona Cairns Undecorated Fruitcake
Undecorated FruitcakeUndecorated Fruitcake