Serves 15 slices

Looking for inspiration for Stir up Sunday? Try this delicious vegan fruitcake. For vegans, those with allergies to dairy products or indeed anyone wanting a speedy, delicious fruit cake, this is for you. It contains neither egg nor butter, has very little added sugar, is pack with moist fruit and roasted nuts, then laced with rum.

150ml sunflower oil, plus more for the pan

50g blanched almonds

50g walnut pieces

300g raisins

250g sultanas

125g currants

150ml fresh orange juice

75g light muscovado sugar

350g self-raising flour, sifted

1 tbsp black treacle

Zest of 1 unwaxed lemon, finely grated

Zest of 1 orange, finely grated

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp mixed spice

3 tbsp rum or brandy, plus 3 tbsp more to feed the cake

Preheat the oven to 140 C/fan 130/275 F/gas mark 1

Oil a 23cm diameter, 7.5cm deep, round tin, and line with baking parchment. Wrap the outside of the pan with brown paper and tie it securely with string. This will protect the edges from scorching in the oven.

Chop all the nuts and roast in the oven for 10-15 minutes, watching carefully to make sure they don’t burn. Place the dried fruits, oil, orange juice and brown sugar in a heavy bottomed saucepan, add 300ml water, then bring to a boil and simmer over a gentle heat for 5 minutes.

Cool, then fold in all other ingredients. Transfer the batter to the prepared tin and bake for 2 ½ hours, or until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean. If it browns too much before it is fully cooked, make a circle of foil a bit larger than the cake, break a large hole in the centre and place it over the cake to protect the sides from burning.

Allow to cool in the tin turn out to a wire rack prick all over with a fine skewer and sprinkle the remaining rum all over the cake.

Wrap in fresh parchment paper, then in aluminium foil, and store for up to 6 weeks.


Copyright © Fiona Cairns 2011 Extracted from Bake and Decorate by Fiona Cairns published by Quadrille publishing ltd. Photography by Laura Hynd.

Vegan Fruit Cake Recipe