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Baking and Ingredients
When we say our cakes and biscuits are handmade, we really mean it. Every sugar rose, lustered bee and sprinkled dolly mixture has been made by one of our team. The generous buttercream on our cupcakes and fondant on our fairy cakes is piped or crafted by hand as is the final flourish, be it a liberal sprinkling of gold dragees or chocolate curls, or carefully placed sugar paste rabbits.  
Natural No artificial flavours are added
Handmade Every cake in our bakery is piped by hand

Our expert bakers and exacting decorators work alongside our product design and development team, to create cakes that taste as heavenly as they look. And, whilst we continue to explore new techniques and seasonal flavours, as well as tailor bespoke cakes to individual clients, you’ll always find favourite bakes beautifully presented in stores and online.

Consistency Baking in small batches ensures a thorough spread of ingredients
Boozy All our fruit cakes are liberally doused with brandy

Our Ingredients

We never settle for second best when it comes to our ingredients. We use the freshest butter and the best-quality spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and mace. And, of course, we don’t forget the booze: in some of our cakes you will find Jamaican rum, brandy, or a lacing of oloroso cream sherry.

Only the finest unsalted butter goes into our premium buttercream and biscuits. We freely use stem ginger, sticky black treacle and English marmalade, while our icings are coloured naturally and our eggs are always free range.

In 2012 we were delighted to be awarded a Good Egg Award, for our commitment to using only free-range eggs, a commitment that we have honoured for 25 years. We believe that it’s just common sense that happy chickens make happy eggs and that only the best eggs go on to make the best cakes.

Mature Our Fruit Cakes are always matured for depth of flavour
Detail Our small batches means for minimal waste

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