readingFiona’s Top Tips for Cutting & Caring for Your Cake

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Fiona’s Top Tips for Cutting & Caring for Your Cake
Article - 05 November 2018


I hope you enjoy your cake that the team at Fiona Cairns have made for you. Here are some top tips on cutting and storing to ensure you can relish your cake at its optimum:


1. For the neatest slices, always use a very sharp or serrated knife to cut your cakes, and for fruit cakes cut in a backwards and forwards sawing motion.

2. Once cut and to store, cover the open (cut) slices with foil but leave the icing and decorations exposed. Store your iced cakes in a box in a dry cool place. Cakes not covered in icing need to be stored in an air tight container, this will keep them from drying out for a bit longer.

3. Do not store your cakes in the fridge but in a cool, dry place.

4. If by some miracle you cannot finish your cake within a week, it is possible to freeze it and then thaw at a later date.  Please note this does not apply to any iced cakes.

5. Always store biscuits separately to cakes (to avoid soggy biscuits!)

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