readingHarrods Exclusive – Language of Flowers

Harrods Exclusive – Language of Flowers
Article - 12 December 2018

As part of their ‘Art of Entertaining’ event, we developed a premium range of beautiful cakes exclusively for Harrods. It celebrates ‘The Language of Flowers’ and includes four celebration cakes hand decorated with seasonally changing flowers including hydrangeas, cherry blossom, roses and daisies.

Flowers have been used for several hundred years to express specific sentiment and meaning. This was made popular by Queen Victoria’s fascination of ‘Floriography’ and more recently reintroduced by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they married in 2011, requesting specially selected flowers on their wedding cake that was made by Fiona.

The Language of flowers were showcased in iconic Harrods windows including the ‘Outdoor Garden Party’ window and the ‘Wedding Party’ window. The cakes change throughout the year with new designs based on seasonal flavours, each bearing their own meaning.

IMG 5801
IMG 5702
Studio Session 001
IMG 5769

Pink Rose – Perfect Happiness

Cherry Blossom – Beauty & Spirituality

Hydrangea – Thank You

Daisy – Youth & Innocence

Forget me not – Remembering

Wild Strawberry – Perfect Goodness

Lily of the Valley – Return of Happiness

Myrtle – Love

Pansy – Think of Me

Sweet Pea – Delicate Pleasure

Ivy – Fidelity, Freindship

Primrose – Modesty & Virtue

Jasmine – Good Luck

Violet – Modesty

Daffodil – New beginnings

Bluebell – Forgive & Forget

Cosmos – Order & Harmony

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