readingFloral Design Day at Fiona Cairns

Floral Design Day at Fiona Cairns
Article - 27 February 2020


It’s finally Floral Design Day! We love celebrating days like this as they remind us to look back at our progress, funny stories and inspirations.

You’ll find that Fiona’s passion for flowers and gardening has spilled over into so much of what we do here at Fiona Cairns. We love weaving delicate hydrangeas and ombre roses into a lot of our designs, and over the years have perfected making intricate and lifelike sugar flowers. From our Language of Flowers range in Harrods, to the Royal wedding cakes, every flower is special to us. Take a look at some of our creations here and see how you can get involved too:

IMG 5688
Language of Flowers at Harrods

Made popular by Queen Victoria’s interest in ‘Floriography’, we bring our delicious cakes to life by seasonally changing the flowers that adorn each version. Which is your favourite season? These are all made by hand by our talented bakery staff and we love seeing people’s faces when they get a closer look at the detail. Click here to read more about the meaning of each flower and our work with Harrods.

Baking to Bathing The Rose Gourmand Collection

Floral inspirations doesn’t just stop at baking here! This Rose Gourmand range builds up around scents of rose, pink pepper, amber and musk and the feature in every indulgent product you would need for a relaxing treat, including hand cream, bath oil and body scrubs. Fiona has always loved cultivating old rose varieties, particularly David Austin’s, in her Leicestershire country garden which feature heavily in the specially designed packaging. Why not try some out here.

Fiona Cairns DIY rosebud cake
Get creative!

We love seeing your own creations and putting your imagination to the test! Every flower is unique and we believe that is cause for celebration. Try our recipe here for crystallising flowers, which always bring an undecorated cake to life and make it special. Or how about some zesty lemon and white chocolate cupcakes? Perch a violet on top and voilà! Don’t forget to tag us @fionacairnsltd so we can see what you’ve been up to in the kitchen!

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